Sourcing and M&A


We have led and supported a number of sourcing activities including full green field IT outsourcing, IT Service outsourcing and BPO.

  • Strategy: defining the sourcing strategy including what to source and how to source including developing the timetable and compelling business and benefits case to support the investment. We also focus on areas we know will be challenging later, such as any impact to employees
  • Requirements Understanding: collecting requirements is the easy part. Prioritising them with the business and developing a target operating model that supports the vision of the business and will add value
  • Market Assessment & Engagement: we work with clients to understand which suppliers will best suit their needs. Cultural fit and the importance of an account to a supplier is essential. Of course, we can manage the whole tender process, but our approach to supplier engagement starts much earlier helping to prepare for an effective competition
  • Supplier Evaluation & Selection: supplier tenders can be daunting and full of marketing material. We work with clients to help see through this, and to focus on what is most important to them
  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation: we can draft services schedules and work alongside lawyers to negotiate the contract. More than this though, we know how to drive lawyers forward too!
  • Effectiveness: covers a whole array of areas. Contract reviews, benefits management, benchmarking, supplier delivery effectiveness, requirements reviews (we have a great process which drives out surprising findings every time) – all of which helps the contract re-negotiation. We have done it all and not just once or twice
  • Exit Management: with lots of experience in mergers and acquisitions, we are true experts in preparing for and managing orderly exit, mitigating risks before they impact. Exiting is never easy, but we can help smooth the process

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • IT Strategy for joining and separating: our hands on experience of M&A enables us to lead organisations through merging of IT activities and separation of IT capabilities following divestment. We can help set out the strategy for achieving this, including plans, commercials, approach and governance
  • IT Due Diligence: we help reduce the risk of the sale or acquisition by objectively discovering the relevant information about your IT environment to support the building of Data Rooms and Information Presentations
  • Contract Drafting: we work alongside your legal and financial advisors to develop the technical and delivery schedules for the Divestment/Acquisition
  • Separation/Merger Solutions: using our experienced IT and Business Architects we develop the IT solutions to support the Divestments and Acquisitions including Data Migration, Applications, Business Process and Infrastructure
  • Change Delivery: from the management and planning of the sale process right through to the merger or separation of the IT Systems, Data and business processes our Change Delivery Team have a wealth of experience in highly complex Divestment and Acquisition change projects