Change Delivery

We are experienced across all elements of Change Delivery and have delivered some monster IT programmes with significant positive business change impact. We are extremely aware of not adding unnecessary baggage to change programmes, and implement pragmatic governance to control this. Our services include:

  • IT Transition & Transformation: providing a complete change capability to our clients, often in complex environments, where the outcomes are business critical. From implementation sourcing outcomes, enablement of IT functions through merger (or separation as a result of acquisition), migration of application estates, data centre exits and cloud adoption and other major IT infrastructure change, to introducing new operating models – we can lead change programmes with a full lifecycle capability
  • Project Leadership & PMO in a box: we can provide project leadership or the full discipline of all project management capabilities. Our PMO in a box service allows us to quickly implement structure using trusted reporting and governance mechanisms avoiding the need to start from scratch
  • Business Change: assessing the impact of change on the business and ensuring a robust approach to aid early adoption and acceptance. Strong focus on communications and training and thereafter evaluation to measure and improve success
  • Solution Leadership: providing the Business, Technical or Operational Leadership for change delivery initiatives from concept through to implementation.  We bring tried and tested processes and methodologies, significant experience and complete impartiality to help ensure the solution delivers the required outcomes
  • Governance: sometimes our clients just want us to support regular cadence and have us ask the right questions. We advise, challenge and help resolve in equal measure