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As our growth continues to accelerate, we are looking for people with energy and ideas, committed to learning new skills and proving themselves in the IT world. We can offer you a broad range of high profile projects with world leading brands, that will keep you challenged, engaged and provide you the opportunity to develop.

At Aveas, a strong work ethic is essential, but our culture is dynamic and as a small and growing company you will have the opportunity to help shape our future. We are not overly hierachical and we don’t get dragged down by cumbersome process.  You will get to know everyone in the firm and have direct contact with the partners.

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and set their own goals to match their personal strengths or to focus on areas where you would like grow . We recognise the importance of adapting to new challenges and believe everyone can learn from  one another.

We appreciate that work takes up a huge amount of people’s time, so it is important to us that you feel looked after and part of us. Hopefully you will build long term friendships by striving hard to deliver projects and then being able to unwind in more informal environments. This is further encouraged through the social events we run throughout the year that we hope you will join us on.


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