National Health Service:
Contract Review


The client, a specialist division of the National Health Service asked Aveas to perform a review of their IT contract prior to entering into a contract re-negotiation.

Client Challenges

The client had reservations about the contract that they had previously signed with respect to:

  • Scope of services (i.e how captured and articulated)
  • Commercial Framework
  • Service Measurement Framework
  • Governance Framework
  • Specific called out elements of the contract, for example, Change Control, Dispute Resolution, DR, Service Improvement, Right of Audit and Termination

What did Aveas do?

Aveas kicked off this engagement with a series of workshops with the client in order to understand their experience of working with the supplier. Often there is a misalignment behind what a supplier delivers and what a client expects that supplier to deliver. This discussion focused on the role and operationalisation of the contract in the delivery of services.

Having completed these sessions, Aveas performed a full contract review and taking the findings from the workshops were able to identify areas where improvement was essential. This included, for example, identifying elements of service that although being paid for, added no benefit to the client and highlighting outcomes which were not delivered, yet had been paid for.

We provided a comprehensive observation and recommendation document (comparing against best practice and against our experience), and presented this back to the client. On the back of this, the client requested that we perform more analysis on wider scope which included, benchmarking.

What were the outcomes?

By taking our analysis and recommendations, the client was able to re-negotiate a more commercially favourable contract which was more aligned to the business requirements including targeted service levels to motivate the supplier.