Lots of organisations offer sourcing services but focus only on the transactional elements – for example, the RFP, the contract.

AVEAS recognise that sourcing brings change, and that change can be unsettling which is why at AVEAS, we structure our sourcing programmes around preparing for change.

We perform at a very early stage, and continue to perform through out, change impact assessments. These assessments enable us to develop excellent communication. We implement a consistent cycle of ongoing review (gathered from feedback) to guarantee that the messages are appropriately tailored and delivered.

However, we equally understand that to make an outsource effective, you need the right supplier. We know the capabilities of the supplier market inside out, and are experts at drawing out the best from them while building commercial tension to make the tendering process competitive.

What makes AVEAS so successful at sourcing is:

    – Our deep understanding of the supplier market;
    – Our focus on understanding and preparing for the impact of change;
    – Our ability to understand business requirements;
    – Our experience in writing market engagement and contractual documents.

Although we remain impartial (we are not tied to any suppliers), we can recommend experienced lawyers who will not drag the process out but will work with you to bring effective and speedy closure.


AVEAS has full life cycle experience of Sourcing – and lots of it. We can:

    – Develop the sourcing strategy;
    – Develop the business case;
    – Develop the benefits case;
    – Capture and develop the requirements;
    – Capture and document the baseline data;
    – Engage the suppliers and build a market;
    – Write the supplier engagement documentation (RFI, RFP, ITT, ITN etc);
    – Perform the evaluation and define the selection approach;
    – Draft the operational schedules and service levels;
    – Support the negotiations.


Supporting stalled negotiations

At the request of our client, AVEAS was asked to step in to drive to closure the stalled negotiations of an outsourcing deal for data centre services with a Tier 1 supplier.

Bringing our contractual commercial experience and history of working with the supplier to bear, we were able to bring the parties to a win-win contract within just two weeks.

Our client says:

“AVEAS acted with honesty and integrity throughout this engagement and provided a depth of experience that continues to impress.”


Leading the client through a full IT outsource

AVEAS led a client through a £600m IT outsource, much of it first generation, across data centres, networks, end user services, service desk and application maintenance.

We were there at the beginning: shaping the sourcing strategy, building the business case, defining the requirements, engaging with the market. We were there in the middle – running the evaluation and selection, drafting the schedules and running the negotiations. We are there at the finish line – transitioning the services and managing the transformational elements of the programme.

Changes on this scale are challenging indeed and resulted in a major shift in the way that the client’s IT services are delivered, with hundreds of third parties displaced and a number of people in line for TUPE or redundancy. Sensitivity, confidentiality and communication were key throughout the programme.


Our client says:

“AVEAS is able to quickly assess and analyse complex issues and problems – dependable to a fault allowing nothing to fall between the cracks”


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