The market for sourcing has not slowed, though organisations have become smarter in how they source. This intelligent outsourcing – or smart sourcing – has reduced reliance on single suppliers.

Organisations increasingly out of traditional data centres and into the the cloud are no longer bound by the high costs of exit to a new supplier. They have greater freedom to contract supporting services to a number of suppliers and continue to focus on keeping the more challenging – thought driven elements – in house. In short, suppliers now have to work much harder to differentiate themselves.

As contracts are coming up for renewal for the second or third time, so organisations better understand their requirements and the associated strengths, and weaknesses, of their current suppliers. Where once most services were outsourced, increasingly we are seeing CTO functions and project delivery increasingly retained, and services given to a supplier with the expertise to deliver it.

Our Approach

Our approach to supporting clients through sourcing programmes is based on extensive experience both of helping a large number of clients through the journey and our deep understanding of the supply market. Not only have we worked with clients to outsource services and business processes, but we also work with suppliers to help them deliver excellence.

Our Services

We have experience across the whole lifecycle:

  • Strategy: working with clients to help them understand their options both for delivery of services and market engagement. Using business cases to drive the right decision is core to what we do.
  • Requirements Understanding: collecting requirements is the easy part. Prioritising them with the business and developing a target operating model that supports the vision of the business and will add value is where we specialise. No point in paying more for something than you really need – you may be surprised how many do though.
  • Market Assessment & Engagement:we work with clients to understand which suppliers will best suit their needs best, big or small. Cultural fit and the importance of an account to a supplier is essential. Of course, we have experience with tender processes, but our approach to supplier engagement starts much earlier which helps to develop an effective competitive market.
  • Supplier Evaluation & Selection: supplier tenders can be daunting and full of marketing material. We work with clients to help see through this, and to focus on what is most important to them.
  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation: we can draft services schedules and work alongside lawyers to negotiate the contract. More than this though, we know how to drive lawyers forward too!
  • Effectiveness: covers a whole array of areas. Contract reviews, benefits management, benchmarking, supplier delivery effectiveness, requirements reviews (we have a great process which drives out surprising findings every time) – all of which helps that contract re-negotiation. We have done it all and not just once or twice.
  • Exit Management: with lots of experience in mergers and acquisitions, we are true experts in preparing for and managing orderly exit, mitigating risks before they impact. Exiting is never easy, but we can help not to be a barrier to change.

What our clients say.

Aveas’ commercial insight and negotiating expertise was instrumental in ensuring we had a robust and positive contract. Getting this right upfront was critical to the overall success of the project and allowed us to track and manage the overall cost base of the programme

CIO, Manufacturing Client

Aveas were able to provide us with experienced programme leadership and PMO support providing strong third party and stakeholder management, a robust governance model and galvanised the whole team with a delivery focused mentality

IT Programme Director, Manufacturing Client

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