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One of the most complex and largest Financial Services systems and data migrations in recent years delivered successfully without impact to customers or our client.

In 2017 Legal & General took a decision to divest a large part of their legacy savings business.

This divestment comprised 6 Million customer policies and £30 billion of assets. The IT environment supporting this client business was highly disparate with a legacy of 100s of applications, some dating back over 50 years.

Aveas were engaged to bring their experience of Mergers & Acquisitions to help prepare for sale and separation, and once the deal was successfully agreed act as IT Integration Partner for the separation and migration of the business.

Our willingness to challenge convention, divert our approach when alternatives were presented and to implement rigorous governance made this Programme so successful.

“This was the most complex migration we have undertaken and the Aveas team did an outstanding job leading the migration workstream through the entire process from initiation to Programme closure” – Feargal Supple, Programme Sponsor

“Thank you Aveas for all your exceptionally hard work and amazing effort” – Claire Singleton, CEO Mature Savings

Client Challenges

  • Sale of a legacy book of business of over 6 Million Policies, both in-force and not-in- force.
  • Data driven transaction with no systems transferring
  • £30+ Billion in customer assets transferring
  • A diverse set of over 50 product types
  • 9 Billion rows of data to transfer
  • 60 Million Customer documents to be transferred
  • From over 100 applications
  • Applications dating back to 1963
  • Constrained by Data Protection and Obfuscation requirements
  • Deleting and decommissioning a heavily shared application estate
  • An aggressive delivery timescale
  • All delivered “Big Bang” due to Part VII, legacy & business demands

The role of Aveas

  • Aveas engaged as the “IT Integration Partner” for the client taking full leadership accountability for the end to end Migration
  • Development of the Business and IT Separation Strategy
  • Programme and Project Management of the End to End Systems Migration
  • Interface to acquirer for all aspects of data migration
  • Solution Leadership of the Systems and Data Migration approach
  • Solution design of the Cutover Strategy
  • Analysis of apps over 300 applications, 20 technologies
  • Data analysis and mapping across a complex estate
  • Analysis of product rules and features for over 50 types of Bonds, Pensions and Life Policies

Client Outcomes

After 3 years, 26 testing cycles and 5 dress rehearsals:

  • Data extracted and migrated in 16 Hours
  • Minimal client systems outage
  • Data migrated to target without customer detriment
  • Data deleted from retained systems without impact to our clients significant retained business
  • 100+ applications decommissioned