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Client Challenges

The client, a specialist division within the National Health Service, required a review of their IT contract prior to entering into a contract re-negotiation. The client had reservations about the contract that they had previously signed with respect to:

  • ┬áScope of services
  • Service Levels and basis of measurement
  • Commercials
  • Specific elements of the contract, for example, DR, Service Improvement, Right of Audit

What did Aveas do?

Aveas performed a full contract review of all of the services, service levels and commercial schedules and conducted interviews with key stakeholders to get a clearer understanding of their experience and perspective. In doing so, we were further able to identify elements of service not required by the client, and elements of service that had not previously been delivered (yet had been paid for).

We additionally benchmark elements (service levels and commercials) against industry standards. Using our deep understanding of contracts and the supplier market, Aveas provided a detailed set of recommendations and an approach for entering into re-negotiations.

What were the outcomes?

By taking our analysis and recommendations, the client was able to re-negotiate a more commercially favourable contract which was more aligned to the business requirements including targeted service levels to motivate the supplier.