Optimisation is all about doing things better – increasing IT capability and effectiveness in order to drive down costs, increase value for money, support growth or improve customer satisfaction through delivery of a better product or a better way of working. Optimisation should not be a one-time effort but should be embedded in the ethos of a company.

AVEAS works with our clients to define and implement optimisation initiatives that will achieve tangible and lasting benefits.

Through performing an evaluation of IT service delivery and contract reviews, AVEAS can help identify and implement IT optimisation initiatives.

We do this by running IT health checks (including performing contract reviews to compare against service delivery) to identify quick wins and more comprehensive IT assessment programmes (infrastructure, people, process, supply chain, logistics etc).

These initiatives can be simple step change (a new report, a new sub contractor, smarter ways of working) or a fundamental change to the way that the organisation operates. We identify the benefits and we work with you to prioritise.



Optimising to align with ITIL

AVEAS is currently working with their client to define and implement a major IT transformational initiative, an initiative which AVEAS fully defined and scoped.

This new programme of work will bring all IT service delivery into an ITIL aligned framework.

The programme, running for almost two years, will deliver significant benefits including:

  • Enabling more effective, efficient and standardised IT services;
  • A better understanding of costs driving IT;
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Change of this kind requires real expertise, and AVEAS has deployed consultants with significant experience gained from working across a number of sectors and for a number of years.

AVEAS understands the importance of communication and ensured that this was meticulously planned and executed throughout.

Our client says:

“Your clarity and new perspective give us a great foundation to build from.”


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