AVEAS works with our clients to develop IT strategies which:

  • are aligned to the business objectives;
  • are in keeping with the ethos or regulatory constraints of the company;
  • are clear in the benefits and timescales for delivery;
  • will deliver value, cost effectively.

We are experienced in developing strategies that cover all IT services, as well targeted strategies for, among others: networks, data centres, applications, or even the management and implementation of projects.

Our approach is tailored to your business, however typically we will:

  • understand the business drivers and rationale for change;
  • assess the constraints;
  • identify the options and assess each one through evaluation of commercials and impact to the business;
  • map the benefits;
  • provide recommendations;
  • develop the implementation roadmap.

We cannot do this in isolation however, and will work closely with stakeholders to develop and shape a strategy tailored for your business as well as bringing our own personal experiences of having seen both success and failure.




A global IT strategy for a global company

Having recently undertaken a significant UK outsourcing programme (which AVEAS led), the client is now seeking to improve the way that they manage IT across their world-wide network of offices.

The company is growing on a global scale exceptionally fast, and this UK manufacturer must quickly modernise and ensure that a standardised global IT service management model is deployed in a controlled manner, that it is scaleable, will meet the local requirements, and, that the investment will deliver sustained benefits in the future.

AVEAS is developing the IT strategy which will support theses goals. This includes:

  • working with the client to understand the clear business objectives;
  • performing an assessment of what works well today (in order to minimise change);
  • understanding, assessing and working within constraints including, overseas regulatory restrictions;
  • defining and assessing the options for IT service management and governance to support the client’s global growth ambitions;
  • eventually, providing recommendations and development of the roadmap for a standardised IT service world-wide that delivers value for money.


Our experience is not just limited to IT strategy and we are currently working on a number of exciting engagements supporting clients through challenging times.

These includes:

    • Working with a major rail network operator in their bid to run one of the major rail networks. Our responsibility is commercial in nature and we helping them to develop their bid;
    • Working with a global IT supplier to help them re-organise the structure of their delivery organisation including, re-allocation of work offshore;
    • Providing advice to a FTSE 250 company on their global business service management operations.



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