Transition and transformation brings with it uncertainty and mistrust. AVEAS has one main goal for implementation:

  • Minimise disruption to your business through right first-time delivery.

Brought in early enough into the lifecycle, AVEAS plans for delivery a long time before implementation actually starts. It is in our psyche and we believe that it helps makes the implementation smoother.

How does AVEAS achieve this?

We develop understanding:

  • We make sure that everyone understands the journey, the timescales, the changes and what success looks like;
  • We seek to understand the drivers for the clients and the drivers for the suppliers.

We focus on planning:

  • We develop a robust and realistic plan;
  • We manage implementation against the plan, not put it in a drawer.

We focus on Governance:

  • We design and implement a comprehensive management framework to govern the overall journey;
  • We actively manage risks and issues which genuinely need attention.

We focus on the big picture:

  • We look at what is required to minimise disruption to the business and we focus our efforts there;
  • We understand that mistakes will be made but we ensure that the impacts are short-lived.

We build trust and remove uncertainty through communication. We take communication very seriously by:

  • Developing a communications strategy;
  • Performing ongoing change impact assessment for each of the stakeholders groups;
  • Defining and testing the messages;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of our communication implementation;
  • Refining and improving.


Experienced in implementation programmes

AVEAS has, is currently, and will continue to lead our client through the implementation of a number of change initiatives including:

  • A full IT outsource;
  • The outsource of project services;
  • A desktop refresh programme;
  • The rollout of a global IT service delivery model for national automotive sales companies;
  • A target operating model for Europe’s biggest SAP model;
  • A redundancy programme;
  • A major IT optimisation initiative implementing ITIL aligned IT services.

Our client says:

“AVEAS pro-actively builds strong working relationship across senior stakeholders and external suppliers and commands respect in meetings.”


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