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Company Scale:

FTSE 30 buy fake antabuse Client Challenges

Our client, a FTSE30 company and a global provider of corporate and consumer Financial Services products, was nearing the end of a 1st Generation IT Infrastructure Outsource.  The outsource included a complex hosted Data Centre environment  supporting 1000+ tightly coupled critical applications.   The business operating model was heavily federated with differing and competing requirements amongst business units driving the need for a comprehensive Group Hosting Strategy that did not perpetuate the existing monolithic sourcing model.

What did Aveas do?

Aveas were engaged to bring their IT Strategy and Data Centre experience to develop the Group Data Centre Strategy with the key objective to provide a roadmap to the end state Target Operating Model.  This strategy included:

  • Defining the technical and operational options Support for Business agility with a focus on supporting the existing federated business operating model
  • Identifying options that delivered a Value for Money hosting service
  • Defining a hosting roadmap that minimised business impact though migration to the TOM
  • Reviewing the application topology to ensure the target solution supported the complex tightly coupled nature of the estate
  • Developing a strategy that leveraged disruptive technologies with a balance of business risk appetite
  • Defining a organisational and service management structure required to support and enable the TOM

What were the outcomes?

Following the detailed analysis of the “as is” estate and engaging with multiple IT and business stakeholders it became clear that a single track approach to data centre hosting would not fulfil the business needs for growth and innovation balanced with  their concerns on the risks and disruptions for migrating the current data centre environment.

A data centre strategy was developed that provided support for the “as is” Legacy Application estate alongside a cloud hosting model that supported new application deployments with a single Service Management, Systems Management and Commercial management wrap to provide an integrated service to its business consumers.

This data centre strategy is currently being implemented and Aveas were invited back to support and advise on its definition, negotiation and deployment.