AVEAS’ business design capability is wide ranging and underpins much of the work that we deliver. We have extensive experience of design across a broad spectrum:

  • Large scale business design: designing the retained organisation including, the IT service management function, the vendor management function, the architecture function.
  • Medium scale business design: evaluating the impact to an organisation of a new service, for example, and designing for service introduction.
  • Low-level detailed design: the contract management process, the incident management process, escalation and governance, for example.

As we develop, so we focus on change impact assessments to enable us develop the communications roadmap that will support implementation and make change stick.

We know what industry best practice looks like, and we know what works and what does not. But first, we seek to capture constraints which impact business design and which are different for each client. These constraints include: time, cost, organisational maturity, required outcomes, capability, security, and regulatory issues.



Designing the project delivery and management framework

Our client is outsourcing their minor projects portfolio worth a combined value of £35m per year.

AVEAS was asked to lead the project from the outset. This included defining the business and benefits case and, defining and implementing the sourcing strategy.

AVEAS business design role included:

  • Designing the framework for project delivery, including the governance gateways.

This involved defining the stages of the end-to-end lifecycle of a project, ensuring that the requirements of each department responsible for the sign-off of project delivery (Architecture (CITO), Finance, Service Delivery & Service Management) were accounted for in the lifecycle;

  • Designing the governance framework overseeing the service as a whole;
  • Designing the management framework including, KPIs to measure service effectiveness, escalation channels, service improvement etc.

AVEAS is now working with the selected sourcing partner through the period of change as this service is introduced across the clients portfolio of services.

Our client says:

“AVEAS brings experience and fresh ideas that will deliver substantial cost savings and significant improvements to the way that we deliver our complex projects”


Design for service support on a large scale

Our client is now undertaking the biggest SAP rollout across Europe.

While working on other initiatives within the client organisation, AVEAS was asked to perform an assessment of the SAP transition into service delivery.

AVEAS identified that the transition was fragmented and uncontrolled across their SAP deployments and a lack of a defined and robust IT Service Delivery Operating Model will expose the client to some significant risks.

We proposed a series of steps to improve effectiveness including:

  • Establishing robust controls around the implementation;
  • Designing an effective IT Operating Model;
  • Designing the IT service management processes for IT service delivery;
  • Clearly understanding and contracting for the boundary between in-house and outsource service provision.

AVEAS are currently leading the client through the implementation of these essential components.


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