All too often, we have seen consultancy organisations with high charge rates using resources who are inexperienced or not skilled to do the work required. AVEAS set out to be different by:

  • Keeping charge out rates competitive;
  • Using only knowledgeable and experienced consultants with a proven track record;
  • Developing effective exit plans with our clients to minimise their costs.

Maintaining high quality, independence and integrity is paramount to AVEAS. Recommendations continue to provide us with the majority of our new clients. Expanding our services within businesses where we have existing projects, at the client’s request, is further evidence of our clients’ trust in our capabilities.

AVEAS has a successful track record in delivering a whole range of services for small and large international organisations. We work closely with CIOs and Senior Managers to deliver solutions, underpinned by targeted and effective communications, that really do make a difference.

Our consultants have hundreds of combined years of service and have a reputation of putting the client first.


Put simply, whatever your IT service needs, we have probably seen it and solved it before.

But don’t just take our word for it. Talk to our clients (or even suppliers that we work with on behalf of our clients) for their views and experiences of working with us.


Our people are very important to us. They are highly skilled and experienced from working:

  • within the IT services industry as analysts, developers, architects, strategists, service managers, project and programme managers, solution designers, process engineers, commercial experts and leaders;
  • within major consultancy firms, including the Big 4, other global consultancies and niche specialists on small and large complex assignments both as team members and managers;
  • for small and international organisations experiencing rapid growth or helping organisations manage through decline;
  • across industry in finance, manufacturing, FMCG, government (including defence) and health;
  • on large programmes within large teams, or individually with no supervision;
  • for the CIO, or senior managers through to junior staff;
  • with (and for) suppliers of IT services.

We possess a broad range of industry recognised accreditations such as ITIL and Prince2 though we are more than just certified, we are experienced.

Our goals are to deliver rapid benefits by adopting the most suitable approach to address your specific business challenge.


We are passionate about improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs and will work alongside you to deliver stepped improvements.

Between us, our staff have hundreds of years of experience across all industry sectors. Put simply, whatever your IT service need, we have probably seen it and solved it before.

We operate according to the following principles:

Integrity is at the heart of our operations. AVEAS consultants are open, honest and will always ‘do the right thing’ for our clients.

We understand our strengths and our weaknesses. AVEAS will only perform work where we know we can effectively deliver and add value. If we don’t have the skills or the right people available we will not do the work ourselves – but will help you in finding the right solution.

We always seek to exit people from client engagement at the right time. AVEAS understand the importance of stepping back, and we will work with you to identify opportunities to do so without jeopardising your project or delivery schedule.

Experience is essential. AVEAS will only use consultants with the right experience who have a successful track record; no exceptions.

We are passionate in our work. We are delivery focused and seek to surpass our client expectations.

We understand the importance of communication and relationships. We win most of our business through recommendation and extensions, which only comes from high quality delivery and deep, successful relationships.

We are competitive with our market rates. We will work with you to deliver a commercial model that is win-win.


Our typical AVEAS consultant will:

  • have a degree from a recognised university;
  • be experienced in shaping and implementing IT services;
  • have worked under their own initiative and within small and large teams;
  • be an effective communicator, both verbally and through written communication;
  • be forward thinking, ready to challenge, dynamic and bright;
  • show an appetite for learning and following changes and trends in industry;
  • be willing to work away from home, and dedicate themselves while at work, to delivery of excellence;
  • put the client first, always.
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